Pre-educate and Empower your patients to become a leader of the pack

We provide reliable, affordable services for everyone. We offer website design and online, interactive quizzes to help you enable your patients and clients to move their health forward.

What we do

A design catered to your needs whatever your practice

The healthcare environment is changing at a rapid pace. We help you stay ahead of the pack with the most up-to-date, customized online and downloadable, interactive resources. 

Available Anywhere

Includes both online and offline forms that your patients and clients can access at their convenience - anytime, anywhere! 

Practical Tools

Equip your patients and clients with knowledge to make choices that can transform their health, it is a win-win for everyone!  You are the hero for showing them how and they are the hero who wins the health challenge!

Smarter Use of Time

Our functional health tools help to empower your patients and clients to take charge of their health so that their time with you is optimized towards reaching their health goals

Tailored products upon request

Website Design Services

We bring your vision to life! From creating a strategy to putting theory into practice. Helping you sift through technology to create a design that fits your practice needs and most importantly one which will resonate and connect with future patients or clients propelling them to take action by booking services with you.

Interactive MSQ 

Allow your website visitors to take one of the most popular functional health assessments, the MSQ, and get their score with a link to schedule a call with your practice. 

Candida Symptom Checker

The simple fact is folks are using the internet to identify what their symptoms mean.  With simple quizzes like the Candida symptom checker you can pre-educate them on which health conditions are associated with the challenges they are facing.  There is a link to book a call with your practice with this an every quiz we offer. 

Inflammation Risk

We know inflammation is one of the core causes of disease and symptoms.  With this quiz you can help your website visitors understand how much their inflammation is playing a role in their health and the seriousness and urgency of those symptoms.  Again, a link to book a call with your practice is included in this quiz.

Completely Customized Quiz!

The sky is the limit to the possibilities of interactive quizzes.  We typically suggest starting with the most common things you see in your practice.  Perhaps it is hormone related or environmental toxins.  We will partner with you to create the online quiz/questionnaire that fits your practice needs. 

why we do it

We’ve been there

We have practices ourselves and out of frustration of not being able to find the technology we needed at an affordable price led to us creating a resource that is simple to use while fully customizable for each practitioners specific needs.  

We want to bring innovation

In order to experience the 'doctor of the future' we have taken on the mission of equipping practitioners with the tools they need to empower their patients and clients without taking clinical time away from them.  Our core principles are founded on redefining healthCARE.

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